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Polish architects in Kazakhstan

Anna Pakulniewicz 16 January 2018

Anna Pakulniewicz


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Ania covers the Baltic states’ real estate markets, architecture and urban planning in Warsaw as well as interior design. She is also the co-founder of Eurobuild TV. Among others, she has been employed by TVN CNBC, PAP Insider, WBJ (The Observer), Poland Monthly and IMM. She graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics, majoring in international relations. She has also completed postgraduate studies in macroeconomic analysis. In addition to this, she studied Lithuanian philology

Polish architects in Kazakhstan
The design of the national monument by the KAMJZ studio
POLAND/KAZAKHSTAN Maciej Zawadzki has been invited by the mayor of Astana and the Kazakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take part in a competition for the design of a symbolic national building.
This is to be built on a 36 ha artificial island in the centre of the capital city. Maciej Zawadzki, a partner and the creative director of the KAMJZ studio, was invited to enter the competition as the only Polish architect out of ten architects – from Australia, Italy, South Korea, Portugal, the USA, Turkey, France (2) and Switzerland.

According to the organisers, the project, which will function as a national memorial next to the city’s Expo centre, is intended to be a new symbol of the country. The main judge of the competition is to be President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

“The project was preceded by a field inspection at -40⁰ C,” Maciej Zawadzki told us. The architects who have prepared the project include Łukasz Wenclewski, Michał Polak, Daniele Govi, Jason O’Connor, Wei Lesley Yang, Geoffrey Pascal, Sylvana Repsi and Sebastiano Cutrupi. It references the landscape, waterways and people of Astana.

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