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Cedet neon switched on again

Tomasz Cudowski 19 January 2018

Tomasz Cudowski


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Tomek graduated from the faculty of modern languages at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, where he also started his journalist career in the late 1980s. He has worked in the real estate press since 2005, covering the residential market for ‘Eurobuild CEE’ magazine as well as the new technologies and property management sectors. Sometimes he can be heard on Polish Radio 2, where he reviews the press on the morning programme. At other times he can be seen in the Bieszczady or Beskid Niski mountains, where he enjoys rambling with no fixed purpose or destination in mind.

Cedet neon switched on again
The neon display was originally installed in 1956
POLAND Immobel has mounted an original neon illumination from 1956 on the reconstructed Cedet (CDT) building in central Warsaw, to crown the completion of the work on the project.

The neon display was originally designed and assembled in East Germany as a symbol of gratitude for making the first floor of CDT available for advertising goods from that country. The distinctive looping neon display became a characteristic feature of the building during the communist era. The remounting of the neon display, as with the reconstruction of the entire building, was supervised by Warsaw’s monuments preservation office. Its characteristic shape has been recreated using original techniques. The structure has a total weight of 4.5 tonnes and is powered by 10,000 volts. In order to achieve an authentic colour the inside of the original glass tubes have been coated with phosphor ,and filled with a mixture of argon and neon with mercury vapour.

“We are aware that the revitalisation of structures that had been showpieces of the city for many years often faces the resistance of the local community at the beginning,” comments Jacek Wachowicz, the president of Immobel Poland. “There can be concerns about maintaining the original architectural concept, the way it is recreated or the new functions the buildings are given. This trend is certainly stronger in such cities as Warsaw, where we have very few architectural gems. In the case of Cedet, these fears were intensified by the fact that some of the fire-damaged structure of the building required demolition. I think that today – a few weeks before the official opening of the building – you can already see that our efforts have been worthwhile. The façade of the building adorns the inner city centre and elegantly combines the standards of modern commercial space with the history of the site,” adds the company’s president.

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