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Busy year for Mirbud

Eurobuild CEE 25 January 2018
POLAND Mirbud started five construction projects, completed 13 projects and signed 15 new contracts in 2017.

During most of the year, the company was engaged in 20 construction projects at one time. The company also carried out the construction of three warehouses – in Mirków near Wroclaw, in Stryków and Sosnowiec, while completing industrial facilities begun in 2016: a hall in Błonie for Develey and halls in Polkowice and Wielenin.

In December contracts were signed for the construction of a factory for Schnee Polska, a manufacturer of dishwasher components, as well as for an industrial hall in Nowosolna, while construction work on the Spinko Moto plant was also started.

Furthermore, last year Mirbud completed work on two shopping centres: NPark in Wrocław and Vendo Park in Skierniewice, while it also completed two centres for which contracts were signed in 2016: Wodny Park Handlowy Marywilska 44 and Galeria Inbab in Lubań. A secondary school in Wroclaw and the sports and entertainment hall in Gliwice were also completed.

In 2017 Mirbud started work on two district police headquarters, in Wałcz and Białogard, as well as an R&D centre in Września. Preparations for work on a nursery school in Świnoujście were also launched and a contract for the construction of a nursery school in Skierniewice was also signed. All the completed projects were finished on schedule, and some a few weeks before the due time.

By the end of last year the company had managed to decrease its debt and the district court in Łódź dismissed a bankruptcy application filed against Mirbud.

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