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Łódź pockets PLN 74 mln from real estate

Eurobuild CEE 01 February 2018
POLAND In 2017 the city of Łódź sold 60 properties and raised over PLN 74 mln.

The most expensive was a plot with an area of app. 9,500 sqm near al. Piłsudskiego and ul. Kilińskiego, which was purchased by developer Echo Investment for over PLN 15 mln. “We also managed to sell a 10,500 sqm plot with a former exhibition centre and car park for PLN 12.87 mln on ul. Skorupki. Another investor paid PLN 8.4 mln for a 16,500 sqm plot for residential development in on ul. Łososiowa in the Radogoszcz Wschód district and the Bielnik Kopischa factory on ul. Tymienieckiego was auctioned for nearly PLN 4 mln,” says Marek Jóźwiak, the acting director of property sales and purchases for the city of Łódź. Adam Pustelnik, the acting director for investment services and foreign collaboration for the city of Łódź, claims that demand for real estate in Łódź has been growing with equal interest from both the office and residential sectors. “When we sell commercial properties for office, production or logistics it creates jobs, which is important for the city of Łódź. This will be the case with the project on ul. Kilińskiego and near al. Piłsudskiego, where workplaces will be created for 3,000 employees,” adds Adam Pustelnik.

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