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Warsaw discusses retail

Eurobuild CEE 01 February 2018
Warsaw discusses retail
Seputy mayor of Warsaw Michał Olszewski gave a presentation at the event
POLAND During the first ‘Grow with Warsaw’ workshop on December 13th at the Centrum Kreatywności Targowa centre, investors, developers and retail tenants discussed with the city authorities the capital’s current spatial policy as well as its plans and future retail strategy.

“We have started a series of discussions with industry called ‘Grow with Warsaw’, during which we will discuss the current and future spatial policy of the city as well as the needs of companies that would not only like to invest here but are also able to create areas that will be resident-friendly; places that might become showpieces within the capital,” said Michał Olszewski, one of the deputy mayors of Warsaw. “We want to use the experience and ideas of investors to jointly formulate recommendations and strategies for the city’s retail sector,” he added. During the workshop, Piotr Sawicki a deputy director for architecture and spatial planning for the city of Warsaw, gave a presentation entitled ‘From New Strategy to New Study or how to include the real estate sector in city planning’ also during the event, Grzegorz Okoński, the city’s director of housing policy, talked of Warsaw’s policy for leasing out the apartments it owns. Also John Banka, the president of the Urban Land Institute Poland, which co-organised the event, talked about how retail with recreation and culture have been combined abroad and gave a presentation on how cities such as Vienna, Barcelona, Toronto and Miami, have tackled the same problems that Warsaw now faces. “The city needs the knowledge of the professionals active on the market because in 2018 we will draw up a new land development conditions and directions study. Retail is one of the more important factors to consider because it is of great importance to Warsaw’s residents and the development of the centre of the city,” summarised the deputy mayor. The event was organised by the Urban Land Institute Poland and the city of Warsaw’s office of architecture and spatial planning, as well as its office of economic development.

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