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Final metro tender almost ready

Eurobuild CEE 13 February 2018
POLAND Notice of a tender has been published to find a contractor to build the final section of Warsaw’s second metro line in the city’s Bródno district with the necessary materials having been sent to the Publications Office of the European Union.

The city of Warsaw and Warsaw Underground have announced on their websites that three stations are to be constructed: Zacisze (C19), Kondratowicza (C20) and Bródno (C21). The city of Warsaw is being represented by the Public Transpot Authority as the ordering party while the project manager is the Warsaw Metro. All the necessary documentation is to be published online on the day of publication in the European Union Supplement. Currently six metro stations are under construction. Three stations are being built along a 3.4 km section of to the west including Księcia Janusza, Młynów and Płocka and a further three are being built along a 3.2 km north-eastern section in the Praga Południe and Targówek districts including: Szwedzka, Targówek and Trocka. The current work is to be completed in 2019. The city has set aside PLN 60 mlnfrom its budget for 2018 for the extension of the second metro line. The western section is being built by Turkish-based Gülermak Ağir Sanayi İnşaat ve Taahhüt in a contract worth PLN 1.148 bln. The north-eastern section is under construction by Italian-based Astaldi in a contract worth PLN 1.66 bln. The second line of the underground will have a total length of 31 km, which will run between the stations of Mory to the west and Bródno on the other side of the river Vistula. The construction of the last western section (from Księcia Janusza station to Mory) is to be completed in 2023, while the construction of Bródno station should be completed in 2022. The first metro line was completed in October 2018 and is used by app. 550,000 passengers a day. The central section of the second metro line opened on March 8th 2015 and is currently used by over 150,000 passengers a day.

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