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Pythagorus sums chaired

07 March 2018

Pythagorus sums chaired
POLAND BM Housing, a company that markets the Kubikoff brand in Poland, has presented the Pythagoras 3 chair.

The shape of the seat is inspired by origami and made by laser cutting a single sheet of aluminium which is powder coated with legs that come in an oak or aluminium finish. The geometric edges and lines are both aesthetic and functional.

Kubikoff was founded by the brothers Gino and Matthieu Lemson from Rotterdam in 2004 and the company’s main designer is Sandler Mulder. It is currently based in Italy near Florence. “The clash of Dutch and Italian elements has resulted in furniture that combines two different design styles. It mixes Dutch practicality with the Italian conceptual approach, lightness and concentration on high-quality workmanship,” claims BM Housing. Some designs hark back to the aesthetics of the seventies or eighties but all of its products appear modern. The pieces, many of which are upholstered by hand, will suit both offices and private apartments.

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