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Smog to break its teeth on the facade

Eurobuild CEE 11 January 2018

EUROPE Laminam, a producer of large size sintered quartz plates, has marketed plates with the Hydrotect coating, which not only clean themselves, but also clean the air.

The boards work well on the facades of buildings (both residential and commercial) thanks to the hydrophilic coating - the rain removes dirt and other impurities from the Hydrotect surface. What's more, the coating contains titanium dioxide, which, under the influence of ultraviolet rays, triggers a photocatalytic reaction causing the release of active oxygen. It improves the air quality by removing e.g. nitrogen oxides derived from exhaust fumes from the atmosphere. According to the manufacturer, the building covered with Hydrotect panels with an area of ​​150 sqm cleanses the same amount of air as a wooded plot with an area of ​​1,000 sqm. Laminam boards with the Hydrotect coating can also be used in interiors – thanks to their antibacterial properties they prevent the spread of germs and bacteria and eliminate unpleasant odours. The boards can be used in residential and commercial real estate (bathrooms or kitchens), as well as in rooms with strict hygiene requirements (such as hospitals or public utility buildings). The Italian Laminam company was established in 2001, the brand has been present in Poland for several years. In addition to its headquarters in Andrychów, Lesser Poland, the company has four warehouses and a showroom in Warsaw. Recently, the company has opened two ultra-modern production plants: in the Italian Borgo Val di Taro and in the Russian region of Bałabanów.

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