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Vision of the future according to C&W

Eurobuild CEE 11 January 2018

WORLD Buildings which will be suitable for living, working and having fun in at the same time, autonomic driverless cars, three-dimensional presentations and virtual reality - these are just a few of the innovative solutions that, according to Cushman & Wakefield, will appear in our lives in the near future.

According to Aleksander Szybilski from Cushman & Wakefield, the author of ‘Vision of the Future 2040’, cities such as Tokyo, Singapore and New York are already creating completely new solutions that will soon be used in other parts of the world. One example of these are the super-buildings, where the housing, office, entertainment and educational functions are carried out at the same time. The combination of these functions is aimed at the maximum use of shrinking space for developments in cities, increasing the efficiency and reducing the time needed for travel from one point to another. The development of the ‘smart’ segment until 2040 will result in the fact that a kind of ‘nervous system’ of buildings will consist of connections between sensors, cameras and electrical devices. They will be able to not only signal possible failures in the building, but also anticipate threats and effectively prevent them. A pioneering project that fits in with these global trends is The Edge building located in the Netherlands, which is packed with electronics. The trend that will certainly develop in the near future will be the sharing economy. The development of co-working space has enormous potential in this segment. In the near future, we should also consider the development of new communication tools. The elements which will enter our lives include three-dimensional presentations, which are already used in medicine, and virtual reality, which will allow employees to conduct remote meetings. Another interesting solution which is likely to appear quite soon will be autonomous cars moving without a driver behind the wheel. They are already working on these vehicles Tesla, Google, Uber, Lyft (Uber's main competitor) along with Ford, Chinese Baidu, Honda, Toyota and several other companies. According to Intel, autonomous cars will prevent the death of 585,000 people in the period from 2035 to 2045. Finances also speak in favour of this solution – thanks to eliminating road disasters, national economies will be able to save about USD 235 bln between 2035 and 2045.

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