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Droning on from above

09 March 2018

POLAND Budimex and Sky Tronic are working on creating a drone to survey buildings in 3D. The two companies are to develop and autonomous moving measuring platform called 3D Flight Explorer FLC, which will precisely map objects in real time and with minimal operator participation.

The accuracy of the measurements, even in high winds, will be ensured by SkyNav's intelligent flight control and flight stabilisation system.

“The autonomous flight of the carrier platform and the automated photogrammetric measurements will significantly improve surveying work and speed up the creation of 3D models of the on which projects are planned,” claims Przemysław Kuśmierczyk, the manager of Budimex’s innovation team. “With this drone it will be much easier to monitor earthwork and the progress of a project. Budimex’s partner, Sky Tronic is a company founded by graduates of the Wrocław University of Technology within the Technology Transfer Institute (special purpose vehicle of the Wrocław University of Technology), which operates as part of the Wrocław Technology Park.

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