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Skanska divides into north and south

Rafał Ostrowski 12 January 2018

Rafał Ostrowski


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Rafał Ostrowski has over 17 years’ experience as a journalist. Before joining ‘Eurobuild CEE’ five years ago, he wrote for Wydawnictwo Murator and Shopping Centre Magazine, as well as for retailnet.pl. He has also written for many newspapers and magazines as a freelancer and prepared photo-reportages. Rafał graduated from the University of Warsaw in philosophy. He also completed postgraduate studies in text editing. For ‘Eurobuild CEE’ he covers most real estate sectors, including logistics, construction, office, residential and retail. He is also in charge of the film direction for Eurobuild TV.

Skanska divides into north and south
Arkadiusz Rudzki, Skanska
POLAND The Skanska Property Poland office developer has carried out changes and promotions in the company.

They are the result of organizational division into two design regions: North and South. Its northern market, which will include projects in Warsaw, the Tri-City and Łódź, will be led by the regional director, Krzysztof Wilczek while Agnieszka Krawczyk-Rogowska will act as a leasing director responsible for this region. Meanwhile the regional director Mariusz Krzak will take care of the southern market including Wrocław, Krakow, Poznań and Katowice. Marek Stasieńko keeps his current position of the regional director responsible for the southern region (which is extended to the Poznań market). Łukasz Kaleciński, in turn, took the position of operational director, responsible for supporting project teams, security and knowledge exchange in the Skanska group. The leasing managers positions were taken by: Monika Tkacz (Kraków), Małgorzata Wojtoń (Poznań), Tomasz Zydorek (Katowice and Gdańsk) and Paulina Strutyńska (Warsaw). They will be responsible for the commercialization of office space in designated markets. Meanwhile Aleksandra Kalina (Wrocław) was appointed the leasing negotiator.

The team has recently been joined by the leasing manager Mikołaj Laskowski (Warsaw) and the leasing negotiator Anna Rolka-Zawadzka (Łódź). Ewelina Kałużna, director for leasing and managing project portfolios, continues to be in charge of Skanska’s leasing team while Krzysztof Wilczek, Mariusz Krzak and Łukasz Kaleciński remain board members. “We have never built or leased so much. We are changing our structure to exchange knowledge better and implement the adopted development strategy more effectively on the seven largest markets in Poland,” Arkadiusz Rudzki, director of the company in Poland, commented on changes.

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