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13 certificates for Apsys

Eurobuild CEE 21 March 2018

POLAND Over 2017 Apsys Polska was awarded 13 BREEAM-In-Use certificates and in February this year it renewed its ISO 14001 certification for ecological management.

The BREEAM In-Use certificates, which all had ratings of ‘Excellent’, were awarded for the company’s shopping centre management, while the Posnania shopping centre, which is both owned and managed by Apsys, was also awarded a BREEAM International New Construction certificate with a rating of ‘Excellent’. “We take great pains to combine care for the environment with cost cutting management reducing the operating costs in the shopping centres we manage. As a result we have introduced programmes to avoid pollution, ration the use of water, fuel and electricity reducing their consumption, minimise the use of chemicals that are harmful to the ozone layer and support biodiversity through the extension of our ​​green areas. The high level of Apsys’ managerial efficiency in this regard has been recognised by shopping centre owners and tenants as well as by customers. The ISO 14001 and BREEAM In-Use certificates are a confirmation of the effectiveness of our approach,” claims Jan Oko, a project manager at Apsys Polska. Apsys Polska currently manages 24 shopping centres across Poland.

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