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Baffled by Fluffo

Aneta Cichla 22 March 2018

Aneta Cichla

Deputy editor in chief, journalist

+48 22 356 25 15

Aneta is passionate about the retail real estate market and everything associated with it. She has worked in the editorial department of ‘Eurobuild CEE’ for seven years. Prior to this she was employed as a journalist for the Retailnet.pl portal and for Shopping Center Poland magazine. In her free time she enjoys reading books, walking the dog and working out at the gym. She also loves watching martial arts fights.

Baffled by Fluffo
POLAND Fluffo has launched a new collection of acoustic baffles for offices, hotels and conference centres designed by Joanna Kabala.

Fluffo Art panels comprise five separate elements that can be put together in a variety of different arrangements. Each of the five elements can be rotated or swapped with a different element while still forming a complete whole. The panels are made of thick polyurethane foam with a Fluffo covering, which is soft and velvety to the touch. As a resultthe panels are not only decorative but absorb noise, thus reducing reverb and improving a room’s acoustic properties.

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