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Malta House goes double platinum

Aneta Cichla 20 April 2018

Aneta Cichla

Deputy editor in chief, journalist

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Aneta is passionate about the retail real estate market and everything associated with it. She has worked in the editorial department of ‘Eurobuild CEE’ for eight years. Prior to this she was employed as a journalist for the Retailnet.pl portal and for Shopping Center Poland magazine. In her free time she enjoys reading books, walking the dog and working out at the gym. She also loves watching martial arts fights.

 Malta House goes double platinum
Malta House is owned by is owned by Reino Partners
POLAND The Malta House office building in Poznań has been awarded a LEED certificate for existing buildings with a rating of ‘Platinum’ and a score of 86 points.

Malta House has an area of ​​app. 15,000 sqm and features such systems as an energy efficient freecooling HVAC system with variable air volume controllers and CO2 sensors automated with an advanced building management system (BMS). The façade has also been designed to reduce the need for heating. Gleeds Polska acted as the certification agent. In 2013 the building was awarded LEED for Core & Shell also with a rating of ‘Platinum’. “We are pleased with the double ‘Platinum’ rating and with the highest score in Poland. The most important thing, however, is that the building assures its users comfort while not impacting on the environment. For us sustainable development and the user-friendly solutions that ensure employee efficiency are the basis for building management. And this is why - for instance - the electricity supplied to the building comes from renewable sources and the terrace, which has a hot spot and overlooks lake Malta and the city of Poznań, is open to all the tenants throughout the year. Despite this prestigious distinction, we are not resting on our laurels. We have already begun a project to find additional electricity savings and improve the work comfort by extending and reprogramming the BMS,” said Paweł Żuczek, the maintenance manager of the building, which is owned by Reino Partners.

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