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Insulation design gets easier

Eurobuild CEE 02 May 2018
WORLD To aid the work of designers working in BIM (Building Information Modelling), Armacell has developed a plug-in for the Autodesk Revit digital design program for technical insulations.

Among the features of this BIM software is the ability to create 3D building models, generate cross-sections and to introduce changes to the design quickly. Technical insulation is required for pre-designed installations (such as pipes or ventilation ducts), so errors can sometimes occur when designing insulation.

The plug-in the Autodesk Revit program allows such errors to be avoided, by suggesting the most viable and commercially available insulation systems and specific types of insulation, which can significantly save time and reduce the amount of data held on the computer’s storage systems. If the designer chooses insulation that is not suitable for the type or size of the wire, the programme will report it. Revit allows changes to be made in the design that can be instantaneously observed by a number of team members,

Armacell's plug-in comes in almost all European languages ​​for international projects. Furthermore, it is possible to choose options specific to a given country, which takes place after a section of a pipe or duct is selected to be insulated.

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