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Poland’s biggest modern business services conference - on June 6-8

Poland’s biggest modern business services conference - on June 6-8

POLAND On 6-8 June, annual ABSL conference, entitled 'Poland. The place to grow' will be held in Poznań. This is the most important event of this kind in Central and Eastern Europe, which annually brings together over one thousand representatives of business, political and media circles. It takes place in the capital of the Greater Poland region, which is a city open to business and investment, and welcomes ambitious, highly qualified experts. The keynote speaker of the conference will be world famous leadership guru Simon Sinek.

The conference is organized by the Association of Business Services Leaders, which is a leading organization representing modern business services in Poland. This sector already now offers employment to over 265 thousand people and has become quickly a very important branch of the Polish economy. ABSL associates nearly 200 companies, including such brands as Accenture, Capgemini, Citi, Goldman Sachs, Google, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, JP Morgan, Infosys, Procter&Gamble, Shell, UBS or Xerox.

People, technology and market

The ABSL conference of this year has been divided into three theme paths. The first one, 'People', will be devoted in particular to modern team management, talent sourcing methods applied by companies now, and the cultural diversity in global corporations. The second, 'Technologies', will present technological solutions revolutionising the business services sector. The invited experts will be in particular discussing questions related to business applications of digital communication, automation, and robotization or the blockchain technology. Experts of Capgemini, the Platinum Partner of the conference, will present the way in which the artificial intelligence has been changing the business services. And, last but not least: Businessand markets, will be devoted to the investment climate and competitiveness of the Polish cities and their contribution to the development of Poland in the business terms, and also host a discussion about Poland’s potential to acquire other investments.

Inspirations from the world guru

Like every year, the ABSL Conference will be highlighted by a special guest lecture. "In the past years we hosted, among other guests, former British Prime Ministers: David Cameron and Tony Blair, and former heads of American diplomacy: Madeleine Albright and Condoleezza Rice," says Marcelina Godlewska, ABSL Management Board member. "This year, we have invited a personality from outside the world of politics, who, however, is strongly associated with business: Mr Simon Sinek. A lecture by this leadership guru, a professor of the Columbia University and author of the famous WHY theory, which explains the successes of the top global companies, always provides a solid dose of business and professional inspiration," stresses Marcelina Godlewska.

Poznań – the modern business city

Poznań will be hosting the annual ABSL conference for the second time already. "Choosing Poznań as the venue of our conference and our returning here once again were not mere coincidences," said Marcelina Godlewska, "Poznań has been famous for a long time for its openness to business and innovations.The local authorities create a great climate for investors. This fact is reflected in a long list of international corporations which opened their offices here, including in particular IKEA, Jeronimo Martins, McKinsey & Company, Rockwool, Mars Global Services, MAN Accounting Center and Centrum GSK IT, she said. Poznań is also attractive for business due to the fast growing market for office space on which the capital of Greater Poland occupies one of the top positions among Polish cities."

"The fact that the ABSL conference is held in our city tells investors that Poznań is open to investments into modern business services, said Jacek Jaśkowiak, President of the city of Poznań. The representative offices set up subsequently by companies of this sector in Poznań mean attractive work places for young educated people. Interesting job offers mean not only a chance for the graduates of Poznań universities but also allow attracting educated staff and retaining them in the city. The conference also provides a perfect occasion to showing Poznań as a good place for investments and for a good quality of living," comments Jacek Jaśkowiak.

Registration for the conference

You can register for the conference at: https://absl-conference.com/, where you can also find more information on the event, specific lecturers and experts, and the special guest. Note: the registration deadline elapses on 24 May, so please reserve quickly.

About ABSL

The Association of Business Services Leaders (ABSL) is Poland’s largest organisation grouping and representing companies of the modern business services sector, such as Shared Service Centers (SSC), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO), Research & Development (R&D) as well as companies supporting development of the sector.

ABSL’s mission consists of development of the modern business services sector and working consistently, jointly with governmental and local self-governmental agencies and universities for improvement and upgrading of the professional qualifications of those entering the job market and caring that Poland is increasingly attractive in terms of investments.

The most important sectors represented by ABSL member companiesinclude (in accordance with the employment structure): commercial and professional services, financial (banking, insurance, investment) services, information technologies (IT) and consumer goods and services.

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