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Adding intelligence to e-commerce

Aneta Cichla 14 May 2018
Adding intelligence to e-commerce
eBay's Which Box app, which uses an augmented reality system
WORLD E-commerce is set to be transformed by developments in artificial intelligence, virtual reality and the Internet of Things in the next few years, according to research by eBay.
Online retailers will be able to use such tools to more accurately identify consumers’ intentions and behaviour. One of the most important fields in artificial intelligence is machine learning or what is also known as extended reality. These algorithmic methods can be used in e-commerce in various forms, such as virtual assistants, product recommendation systems, customising search results and price forecasting, explain eBay’s experts.

The company has appointed former Twitter data analyst Jan Pedersen as chief AI scientist. So far the new functions introduced by the company have been designed to improve the shopping experience.

“In 2016 we released in the US our ‘ShopBot’ artificial intelligence system. This is a personal shopping assistant for Facebook Messenger,” says Małgorzata Gliszczyńska, eBay’s managing director for Poland and Central Europe.

Last October, eBay conducted an experiment together with Saatchi Art aimed at the generation of a subconscious shopping experience. “The brain activity of subjects watching a special exhibition was recorded using electro-encephalographic devices. This technology could be the future for e-commerce, enabling the complete personalisation of purchases,” adds Małgorzata Gliszczyńska.

In addition, the eBay Mobile team is introducing the ‘Which Box?’ (WB) application, which uses augmented reality to allows users to quickly choose the right boxto send a product in. This is the first augmented reality (AR) system to be integrated with the eBay Core mobile app for Android.

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