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Hala 100-lecia Cracovii now open

18 May 2018

Hala 100-lecia Cracovii now open
The hall received PLN 13 mln in funding from the Ministry of Sport and Tourism
POLAND The Hala 100-lecia Cracovii sports hall was opened on al. Focha on May 10th in Kraków.

The main section of the building, which was built by Skanska for the city authorities, is an indoor court of 44m x 26m. There are stands with seating for 800 people including 48 seats for the disabled. The hall also includes physiotherapy facilities a gym, a viewing terrace and a café. The building is 16.5m tall and has a façade of weathered steel and around 1,000 sqm of glazing. The hall has a garden roof and a 700 sqm terrace that can be accessed via a ramp. “In two years we have built one of the most modern sports centres in the country. The court is 3.5 m below ground level. The room is soundproofed with the use of cellulose plaster cladding on the ceilings and throughout the whole building there is not even 1 sqm of traditionally plastered walls,” says Łukasz Sokołowski, a construction manager from Skanska. The building design is by Biuro Projektów Lewicki Łatak, and the value of the project is PLN 45.5 mln gross. The hall received PLN 13 mln in funding from the Ministry of Sport and Tourism with the remainder funded from the city budget.

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