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Designers chosen for Port Centralny concept

04 June 2018

Designers chosen for Port Centralny concept
According to initial specifications, the new port will cover 550 ha
POLAND A consortium made up of Gdańsk-based studios Projmors Biuro Budownictwa Maritime and Mosty Gdańsk has been selected by the Port of Gdańsk Authority to draw up the concept for Port Centralny in Gdańsk.

The consortium is to create three versions with maps and a descriptive section, one of which should include an additional recommendation. The concept should also include in-depth analyses of the demand for maritime goods and passenger transportation as well as current passenger-cargo streams at the Port of Gdańsk. The concept should be completed within the next ten months. According to the initial specifications, Port Centralny will be located on the Westerplatte peninsula, including over ​​500 ha of sea, between the mouth of the port channel and Naftoport. The port is expected to be capable of docking the largest ships in the world, with a target transhipment capacity of 85 mln tonnes per year. It will have five to eight terminals, including a mass terminal, one for general cargo and a passenger terminal. Others are to be created subject to the needs of private operators.

“Port Centralny is the flagship project at the Port of Gdańsk. It will make it possible for the Polish maritime economy to join the best European ports and compete with global ports. Economic considerations are the most important factors: more and more units transporting more goods at a time are to be built. We must have an attractive deepwater infrastructure, thanks to which the Port of Gdańsk will be the port of first choice for many markets,” claims Łukasz Greinke, the CEO of the Port of Gdańsk Authority.

After the concept is submitted in 2019, there will be a two-year project phase. Two construction phases are planned: 2022–2025 and 2025–2027. The project is to be carried out under in the PPP format. Investment costs are estimated at between PLN 4 bln and PLN 8 bln.

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