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Telakces aiming for 250

Aneta Cichla 14 June 2018

Aneta Cichla

Deputy editor in chief, journalist

+48 22 356 25 15

Aneta is passionate about the retail real estate market and everything associated with it. She has worked in the editorial department of ‘Eurobuild CEE’ for eight years. Prior to this she was employed as a journalist for the Retailnet.pl portal and for Shopping Center Poland magazine. In her free time she enjoys reading books, walking the dog and working out at the gym. She also loves watching martial arts fights.

Telakces aiming for 250
The mobile accessories chain now has 160 sales points across Poland
POLAND Mobile phone accessories retailer Telakces.com is aiming to have 250 sales points (islands and stores) opened by the end of 2019.
This would be 90 more than it currently has. Since the beginning of the year the chain has appeared in nine locations. In the near future, Telakces.com will open stores in Galeria Mazovia in Płock, the Janki shopping centre on the outskirts of Warsaw and in Korona Kielce. The company currently has 160 sales points.

“Our intention is to have 250 units by the end of 2019. We are building the profile of our brand together with our partner, Virgin Mobile, which is one of the most recognised brands in the world. Already we have created something of an island archipelago, which is growing all the time. Apart from these islands, there are also stores – and it’s often the case that we have a store and an island or several islands in one shopping centre,” explains Magdalena Michniak, the PR director of Telakces.com.

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