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Opr./edited AZ 06 September 2018
WORLD According to the latest study by US business consultancy Capgemini, more and more companies will employ virtual voice assistants over the next few years.

Capgemini’s ‘Conversational Commerce: Why Consumers Are Embracing Voice Assistants in Their Lives’ report surveyed 5,000 consumers in the US and Europe. Almost 82 pct of the respondents use voice interfaces to search for information and recognise that this type of contact is highly effective. Therefore, this mode of communication will gradually gain importance at the expense of websites and mobile app. As the technological develops, virtual assistants will be capable of not only speech recognition but providing the right answer thanks to improvements in virtual intelligence. This is why the channels of contact that are growing fastest with customers today are not only chatbots but voicebots. This trend is reflected in Google’s statistics, where 20 pct of all initiated searches are voice based. Furthermore, consumers are increasingly preferring to use voice assistants rather than going directly to the store.

The use of voicebots also is also set to change the way retail is done. Capgemini estimates that by 2021, 18 pct of all purchases on online platforms will be processed through a virtual assistant. The scale of expenditure on the purchase of products and services via voice interfaces will also grow.

The report further reveals that the highest percentage of those satisfied with this form of communication are people who use smartphones for this purpose. As many as 81 pct of the respondents also use mobile voice interfaces such as Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant. Voice assistants are a product designed for several target groups, including the elderly, for whom the operation of a traditional computer is difficult or sometimes impossible. With these assistants such groups could represent new market niches.

The promotion of smart assistants will also have an influence on the growth of sales in some sectors, especially e-commerce. In practice, such methods can be useful when shopping and ordering food. The assistant we give the shopping list to will be able to buy it immediately and process the delivery to your home. This system has already been successfully employed in some countries.

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