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Light and charger in one

Opr./edited AZ 12 September 2018
Light and charger in one
Many of the lamps include a shelf and USB port
EUROPE Markslöjd has designed a series of smart desktop LED lamps that include shelves and integrated USB ports.

The Swan has a USB socket at the back of the base and its small size means that it will suit minimalist and Scandinavian-style interiors while the Reflect, which is designed for the bedroom or bathroom, includes an LED-backlit mirror with a small shelf at the front and a USB port at the back. The Logi lamp is a bedside model that can be mounted on the wall and is a spotlight that can be repositioned by the user. It includes a USB port and a shelf for a telephone. The Kubik wall lamp also has a shelf and USB port but above the light, which is designed to shine down on a bed. The Markslöjd Lighting Group is active in the markets of Europe, Asia and South America and produces lights for both home and public use.

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