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CDRL looks abroad

Eurobuild CEE 13 September 2018
POLAND CDRL, the owner of the Coccodrillo children's clothing chain, has recorded a consolidated net profit in H1 of PLN 8.8 mln, which compares to PLN 2.9 mln in the same period of the previous year.

This represents an increase of almost 200 pct. In H1 the company's revenues came to PLN 111.8 mln, 10.6 pct higher than in the previous year. “We did not offer additional discounts or hold any major sales, which in some months resulted in lower turnover growth in our brick and mortar stores. However, this did not stop us from increasing our revenues,” says Marek Dworczak, the CEO of CDRL. The company is planning to further develop its online sales and in November it is to launch an expanded logistics centre. The company also plans to develop its chain on the Czech and Romanian markets. At the end of H1, the chain comprised 520 outlets with 264 Polish stores and 256 abroad, which compares to 507 location in June 2017. The company has paid out dividends worth PLN 6.05 mln or PLN 1 per share.

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