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Prefab back in fashion

13 September 2018

POLAND BGK Nieruchomości has announced a competition to develop a prefabricated housing system as part of the government’s Apartment Plus programme.

Using prefabricated development it should be possible to develop larger housing projects at reduced cost. “We expect our first construction to be exemplary, to break stereotypes and create a new image for prefabricated housing,” says Grzegorz Muszyński, the deputy CEO of BGK Nieruchomości. The company claims that prefabrication could help effectively address the shortage of housing as well as rising labour costs while also maintaining high project standards.

“These days prefabrication is an effective form of housing construction that is used in many highly developed European countries. A modern and speedy way of assembling prefabricated houses would certainly improve project productivity,” says Jan Styliński, the CEO of the Polish Association of Construction Employers.

“For years our producers have been active in the extremely demanding markets of Scandinavia where prefabricated housing is the standard for residential projects,” says Józef Kostrzewski, the director of the Concrete Producers Association. “I hope that the competition organized by BGKN will prove that high quality buildings can be made using prefabrication buildings and improve the margins of a project. As a result prefabrication may return to favour among architects and investors,” he adds. The winner of the competition is to be announced on December 14th this year.

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