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Budimex tests Optical Electronics systems

Eurobuild CEE 18 September 2018
POLAND Budimex has launched its ‘Budimex Innowacje’ project and has already tested an Optical Electronics’ system that provides an intelligent lighting.

The company wanted to see if innovative sensors in LED lights would reduce electricity consumption. During the two months of testing Budimex used LED lights manufactured by Optical Electronics, which all shared an identical light colour and identical power consumption. Half of the fittings, were equipped with the OptiMo sensor system which dims the lighting depending on the prevailing lighting conditions and the number of people in the room. Without the sensor energy consumption came to 228.94 kWh whereas with the sensors, it was only 66.89 kWh, which is equivalent to an energy saving of 70 pct. The partnership with Optimal Electronics is not the only time it has teamed up with a start up. At the beginning of the year Budimex turned to Emplocity to help it hire new employees. The start-up has created a chatbot for the construction company, which enables applicants to submit their CV and talk about themselves via Window’s Messenger. The chatbot questions them on their experience, skills, knowledge of foreign languages and financial expectations. Then, it compares the information it collects with the requirements set by the employer before drawing up a shortlist for the HR department. Budimex plans to employ 1,000 people in this way.

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