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Bots go shopping

Opr./edited AZ 27 September 2018
POLAND DMSales has created the Oferro bot a chatbot on Facebook Messenger with a discount search engine.

The tool can work online as well as in brick and mortar stores. “My daughter came up with the bot idea while standing in a queue to the changing room in a clothing store,” says Tomasz Dziobiak, the owner and the CEO of DMSales. “By using the Incredbots, you can tak with the bot, which allows you to quickly search for promotions. As a result it can support sales both online and offline. Oferro also allows you to reach users in the place where they are currently located,” he adds. The bot acts as a shopping assistant which works instantly, without the need for registration or being installed on a phone. The bot was launched on August 28th. More than 15,000 queries were made in nine categories within the first 24 hours, without any prior marketing for the bot on Facebook platform. For now, the most common queries are about food and fashion, which constitute 40 pct of conversation topics. Around 250 people currently use the tool. “We will try to build in more functionality beyond just searching for discounts. We want to provide real help to shoppers, which is taking up more and more time on the web. This autumn we’re introducing services to help users follow promotions, to assist in offline sales and full conversation analysis,” adds Tomasz Dziobiak.

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