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The Revitalisation of the Łódź Textile Mill

Textorial Park II represents the continuation of the success story of our office division team at Textorial Park, dating back to 2008, which is when the first Class A office building was built in Łódź. The second stage of the investment contributes additional 25,000 square metres of office space and 2,000 new workplaces.

The revitalisation of the post-industrial kingdom of Karol Wilhelm Scheibler is entering the second stage of development. St. Paul's Developments Polska, the investor behind the project, now holds a valid building permit to develop and expand the former textile factory premises in Łódź.

The neighbourhood already boasts lavish greenery and fashionable loft apartments, which will now be enriched by a vibrant, attractive public space, with the total area of about 9,000 square metres, including a public square with abundant greenery meant to encourage relaxation. It will be surrounded by offices with the total area of 26,000 square metres. Auxiliary services will also be provided, including retail shopping. The philosophy behind this project promotes environmentally-friendly lifestyle, green architecture, alternative means of transport, general access to greenery and the fundamental concept of slow life.

- Having coffee in one of the new restaurants at Księży Młyn, walking among the renovated apartments of a Łódź housing estate, seeing all the young people around the Textorial Park buildings, it’s hard not to be under the impression that the city’s historical legacy has been given a new life, a new energy. It is important for us that tenants should like to choose this space and that it will appeal to employees who value comfort at work and the convenience of easy access to a variety of services. Through our actions, we’re also implementing our placemaking philosophy. We want this place to set the tone for both lifestyle and work. In the process, Łódź will be enriched by yet another interesting urban space, says Anna Banaś, CEO at St. Paul’s Development Polska.

During the early design stages, the building was awarded the “Excellent” status under the BREEAM Interim Certificate – Design Stage. As a result, Textorial Park became the first office building in Poland with the highest environmental certificate, in compliance with the newest evaluation system, called BREEAM International New Construction 2016.

Certificate No.: BREEAM-0069-8514

- The high grade is the result of the application of multiple environmentally-friendly solutions as well as developing a space that has the convenience of its users very much at heart. What also needs emphasising is the fact that this high grade was given to an investment with a “revitalised” status, in other words, additional limitations needed to be taken into account due to existence of the pre-existing buildings on the plot. The key role in this process was played by an integrated design process, from the earliest stages of the investment, says Dominik Włodarczyk, BREEAM International assessor, representing SWECO Consulting.

Location without compromising

Textorial Park is located in the heart of the city, right next to the Łódź Fabryczna railway station, the city’s most popular street, ulica Piotrkowska, and abundant greenery used for recreation, including the Źródliska Park. The neighbourhood boasts a wide range of choices for housing and services, among others, loft apartments, restaurants and coffee shops.

Easy access is ensured, whether you choose a bus, a tram, or, if necessary, a car.

“More and more people pay attention to office location when deciding about their future workplace. The most valued locations include city centres, with a wide choice of local amenities, reliable public transport and the possibility to reach their offices by bike.”, as revealed in the study by PLGBC “Zdrowe Zielone Biura” [Green Healthy Offices].

While designing Textorial Park II, we thought about what matters most to our prospective users. The development will include local shopping options and services, as well as a kindergarten. A division of the city’s public library is also planned. Łódź already boasts over 150 km of bike paths. This is why we have developed multiple bicycle amenities.

- roofed spaces for bikes on the premises as well as in the underground garages

- showers for people who love active lifestyle

- a mobile bicycle-maintenance unit

The development plans include Textorial Park II hosting one of the stations of the Public City Bike. Thanks to a dedicated mobile app developed for Textorial Park II, we will be able to count green miles travelled on sustainable public transport and recalculate it to prizes in our Miles & More programme. Less car combustion means better quality of life. This is why car-sharing programme users play an important role in the project. We have developed a few electric-car charging stations with them in mind.

Active design

Movement makes us more efficient, more creative and more active, in both social and professional sense. As a result, the quality of our work improves. The active design philosophy, which ensures that offices are designed with a view that employees should feel encouraged to become more active, has both economic and health-related benefits.

Textorial Park II has no shortage of fitness and outdoor exercise amenities, as well as cloakrooms and showers for sports fans. Within the development premises, a fitness and a spa & wellness club will also be built. Popular jogging routes abound on all sides of the Park. All you need to do is change your shoes and leave the office building.

Well-being guarantee

A complex network of technical facilities and tailored solutions are responsible for improved workplace comfort at Textorial Park II. You cannot see them, or hear them, but will definitely experience the benefits of their existence.

It is these solutions that are responsible for our efficiency at work and our well-being after we come back home. At Textorial Park II, the work ecosystem has been developed from scratch, in line with the highest environmental certification standards, so that everyone feels great here.

Office parameters:

  • elevated floors – about 14 centimetres of extra free space for prospective installations
  • the use of highly selective windows that reduce office space overheating in the summer season, as well as eliminate high-temperature discomfort.
  • Optimum width of office pathways allowing for unrestricted access to daylight, across the entire workspace area
  • Windows that can be opened in each and every office room. This translates to more natural air and reduced use of air-conditioning.
  • Finish materials with low emissions of volatile organic compounds. Pleasant looks combined with healthy everyday use.
  • The BMS intelligent building system monitors the concentration of CO2, humidity and temperature.

Łódź is famous for its murals, and we happen to love murals, which is why, at Textorial Park II, one of the huge walls inside the main hall of the office buildings will boast a large mural. Local artists will contribute to its development.

The revitalisation project has already been granted a valid building permit. As a result, over the next few years, the area which has been covered with post-industrial ruins, will become a true urban space of the future. The investor behind the project, St. Paul’s Developments Polska, ensures that the diverse functions of the planned office-space-and-services development will make this area a very popular destination among the city’s inhabitants, also after hours and over weekends.

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