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Two heritage photos chosen

Ewa Andrzejewska 23 October 2018

Ewa Andrzejewska

Editor in chief

+48 22 356 25 19

Ewa has been a journalist for many years. She began her career in the economic sector, working on such journals as ‘Życie’ and ‘Prawo i Gospodarka’, but has specialised in the real estate sector since 2005. This was when she took up her first position at ‘Eurobuild Poland’, which in 2008 became ‘Eurobuild Central & Eastern Europe’. After work (unless it is the time for publishing the monthly magazine), she can be found outdoors running, in the playground with her son, or at the wine bar.

Two heritage photos chosen
'Fusion' by Sławomir Rogowski
POLAND Sławomir Rogowski and Paweł Czarnecki have won the ‘Warsaw and its Heritage’ photography competition for their photographs entitled ‘Dialog’ and ‘Fuzja’ and will travel to Chicago for a series of photography workshops.
The jury was chaired by Tadeusz Rolke, one of Poland’s first photojournalists and included Cezary Jarząbek, the founder and CEO of Golub GetHouse, Zbigniew Jakubas, the chairman of the supervisory board of the Polish Mint, Ewa Andrzejewska, the editor-in-chief of Eurobuild CEE and photographer Sebastian Deptuła. “The topic of the competition was not, as it appeared, an easy one. Heritage is not something that can be seen on the streets of a city as devastated as Warsaw was in the 20th century. To find an association with today required a good eye. Several of the entries met the challenge, which meant the jury had to argue the merits of each photo. The entire competition went very well and I congratulate everyone,” said Tadeusz Rolke. The organizers of the ‘Warsaw and its Heritage’ competition were Golub GetHouse and the Polish Mint, who together are developing the Mennica Legacy Tower skyscraper. Eurobuild CEE and NaszeMiasto.pl were the media patrons.
'Dialogue' by Paweł Czarnecki

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