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Tenants face off with developers

Eurobuild CEE 31 October 2018
Tenants face off with developers
Eyal Litwin was taken to task for closing down office canteens
POLAND Michał Jeziorski, the CEO of the Twój StartUp foundation for entrepreneurs, and Eyal Litwin, the managing director of Adgar Poland were sparred off in Eurobuild’s first head to head at the Ninth Office Market for Poland Conference held on October 16th.

They clashed slightly over the first issue: ‘What are eco-certificates for and who bears the costs’, but the differences were more marked when the discussion moved on to other issues. “Why are landlords so reluctant to allow tenants to place their logos on their buildings? It would certainly strengthen the brand recognition of the company,” bemoaned Michał Jeziorski. “I assure you that these signs would quickly blend into the cityscape and no one would see them, except for the owners themselves,” retorted Eyal Litvin. “Where has this trend of closing down office canteens come from? We work a several hours a day, we don’t have time to spend scouring the district for a table for lunch,” protested the CEO of Twój StartUp. “We closed down the canteens in all our buildings and it was a very good decision. The smells from the kitchen do not improve the prestige of the property, and there’s no need to prepare food on the spot when you can order any dishes to be delivered,” the managing director of Adgar defended himself. The discussion ended without bloodshed, and both adversaries agreed that the collaboration of the investor with the tenant was indispensable and occasionally required compromise.

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