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Apple tree in Business Garden

Eurobuild CEE 05 November 2018
Apple tree in Business Garden
Personal lockers are placed along the passageways
POLAND Interior design studio Bit Creative has created the new headquarters for Vivus in the Business Garden office complex in Warsaw.

The interior designers created a functional office that fits on a single floor. Each department is separately located and has additional support rooms for quiet work or informal meetings. The main motif behind the design is an apple tree, with a green and white colour scheme and wooden elements. “We have designed plastic sheets to cover the glazing, which also feature a tree motif. On the walls, we’ve created pictures specifically for the project,” said Barnaba Grzelecki, the founder of Bit Creative. “In the entrance zone we have designed a ceiling that uses the shape and colours of the company’s logo,” he added. The office includes four kitchen areas, some meeting rooms and telephone booths. The passageways are lined with lockers with each one assigned to an employee. The conference room behind the reception area has a ceiling height of two floors storeys.

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