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New retail building in Płońsk
Sephora sparkles anew in Atrium Promenada


Poland’s malls under the microscope at MAPIC

Eurobuild CEE 08 November 2018
Poland’s malls under the microscope at MAPIC
The discussion is to be held on Wednesday November 14th from 12 pm to 1 pm

EUROPE Eurobuild CEE invites you to attend a panel discussion that is to be held at this year’s MAPIC fair in Cannes. It is entitled “How to turn old into gold” and will focus on the modernisation, the extension and the refurbishment of shopping centres.

The panel will be moderated by Eurobuild journalist Rafał Ostrowski and the speakers will include Radosław Knap (the director general of the Polish Council of Shopping Centres), Wojciech Nowakowski (the director of development and commercialisation at Dekada), Monika Piwońska (the commercial director for Koneser, Liebrecht & Wood), Ada Walentek (the commercialisation director at Ceetrus Polska), Jolanta Wawrzyszuk (the head of leasing at Atrium European Real Estate) and Anna Wysocka the head of retail agency at JLL.

Poland has had a free market for almost 30 years and along with it shopping centres have been evolving in the country. The market is now often regarded as mature with certain retail developments having had time to grow old and now being in need of renovation. It is also a market in which there are no longer any good locations to build large retail projects with such sites having been snapped up long ago. Developers have nonetheless found a way to rejuvenate those places that have now had their golden years.

The topics to be discussed will include:

• Modernisation as an answer to the growing demands of both retailers and shoppers and what they expect from modern retail space.

• Extensions and remodelling – the way forward

• Revitalisations, converting buildings to new uses and creating new quality standards in places that have become forgotten

• Mixed use buildings – a new opportunity for retail?

The discussion is to be held on Wednesday November 14th from 12 pm to 1 pm in conference room 2 at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes.

Two other representatives of Eurobuild CEE will also be present at MAPIC: head of sales Elwira Soćko and deputy editor in chief Aneta Cichla.

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