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Eurobuild CEE 04 December 2018
POLAND OEX Cursor together with ShelfWise and ABR Sesta have created a system that uses image recognition systems and artificial intelligence to improve how goods are displayed in stores and drive sales.
The tool is to be rolled out in Q1 next year. The system collects data from over 10,000 retail outlets across Poland for the benefit of FMCG suppliers although the system can also be used by retailers themselves to check their sales. The system identifies where the best sales points are and will make recommendations on how goods are to be displayed and what goods are to be added to or removed from a store’s stock.

“Because it only focuses on certain sales points, the changes are only made in stores where a potential for growth has been identified. In this way, sales are maximised, while costs are cut,” claims Piotr Haman, the CEO of OEX Cursor. The service will contribute to the improvement of the distribution and introduction of new exhibition standards in brick and mortar stores. “The system converts pictures into data that is of use to the owner almost in real-time. The client is provided with feedback the next day. The system uses artificial intelligence and its effectiveness is comparable to work done by people, while the cost of the data acquisition is much lower, especially when working on a large scale,” explains Konrad Szczukiewicz from ShelfWise.

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