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Smarten up – to save costs and the environment

Opr./edited AZ 05 December 2018

POLAND Adapting traditional real estate into smart buildings has now become a global trend, according to Siemens Financial Services, which estimates that this market in Poland could now even be worth up to PLN 4 bln.

The company, which has analysed the property modernisation markets in 13 countries, estimates that the introduction of modern systems can reduce the energy consumption of buildings by up to 50 pct.

“When such advanced technology was installed by Siemens in a large medical research centre in Poland, the costs of production, distribution and energy dropped by 50 pct. In Germany the modernisation of a dairy plant resulted in savings of EUR 800,000 per year. The introduction of new technology in Marriott hotels across Europe has helped to reduce energy costs by EUR 1 mln per year,” explains Marek Tobiacelli, the head of Siemens’ energy efficiency department.

“Operating costs account for up to 80 pct of the expenditure for real estate during its life cycle, and half of that is due to energy consumption, which can be significantly reduced,” adds Marek Trejda, an expert in energy and industry financing at Siemens Financial Services.

The introduction of intelligent systems is also an opportunity for upgrading properties to ever more stringent air quality and environmental protection requirements. It is estimated that non-residential buildings are responsible for 10 to 15 pct of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Converting them into smart buildings, however, can reduce this phenomenon by 15 to 25 pct.

Siemens AG is a supplier of technology for the IT segment, including in the fields of electricity transmission and automation. The company is active in more than 200 countries around the world. Siemens Finance, another company in the same group, specialises in financial products and services.

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