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Record pipeline for Murapol

Opr./edited TC 30 January 2019
Record pipeline for Murapol
The Osiedle Parkowe estate in Glwiice

POLAND Last year Murapol Group sold 3,560 residential units, similar to the number sold in 2017 (3,605).

In 2018 the residential developer handed over 2,593 units to buyers, a more than 125 pct increase on the previous year’s figure (1,150). Out of 3,560 units that were bought last year, 3,018 were sold in development and preliminary contracts. In Q4 alone the company’s total sales amounted to 869 units. The group sold the largest number of apartments in Katowice (545), followed by Kraków and Wieliczka (527), while 448 and 443 apartments were sold in Łódź and Wrocław respectively. Murapol also had significant sales volumes in Poznań (391), Warsaw (321) and Toruń (290).

According to the company, its strategy for this and the next few years is to maintain its annual sale figures at around 3,000–3,500 units. Last year the Murapol group handed over the keys to 2,593 new homes, which amounted to an increase of 1,443 apartments and 125 pct more than in 2017. In Q4 alone the group handed over 1,388 units to buyers - the highest figure in its 17-year history. The highest numbers of apartments were handed over in Wrocław (612), Kraków and Wieliczka (513) and Warsaw (388). Over the entire year, Murapol put 3,217 new apartments on offer – a total usable area of 139,900 sqm.

At the end of 2018, Murapol’s portfolio of projects under construction was the largest in the history of the group so far at 6,719 units with a total usable area of almost 296,800 sqm in 37 projects. In Warsaw, where 1,361 units were under construction, is the largest market in its portfolio. This is followed by Katowice, with slightly more than 1,000 apartments under construction and Łódź (900). According to the company, it has achieved its long term aim of handing over around 800–1,000 apartments each quarter.

Murapol Group had a land bank at the end of last year worth around PLN 628 mln and suitable for the construction of almost 20,900 residential units with more than 901,000 sqm of total usable space. The group holds real estate worth around PLN 396.5 mln net and has permits for the construction of more than 12,200 apartments with more than 539,600 sqm of total useable and residential space.

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