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Half a billion for Museum of Modern Art

Aneta Cichla 01 February 2019
Half a billion for Museum of Modern Art
A visualisation of the planned Musuem of Modern Art, as designed by Thomas Phifer and Partners

POLAND Warsaw city council has agreed to an investment subsidy of PLN 180 mln for the construction of the Museum of Modern Art near the Palace of Science and Culture (PKiN) on pl. Centralny (pl. Defilad).

The city now has a budget of more than PLN 504 mln for the project. During the city council session on January 24th the officials agreed to the request of Warsaw mayor Rafał Trzaskowski for PLN 180 mln of supplementary financing for the construction of the Museum of Modern Art.

According to the city authorities the reason for the decision to increase the budget for the construction of the building are the construction difficulties resulting from the location of the building between two underground lines.

It is also clear that the three bidders that entered the second tender procedure for the general contractor (the first tender was cancelled due to failing to attract any bids) each offered amounts that exceeded the budget of the project: Warbud proposed almost PLN 417 mln gross, Mirbud almost PLN 444 mln and Budimex PLN 478.8 mln.

“By the end of 2018 the planned total cost of building the Museum of Modern Art was PLN 324 mln (PLN 49 mln of which was spent). The city council has now granted additional funds of PLN 180 mln. The plan for 2019–2023 involves an investment of PLN 455 mln (for the construction work, engineering supervision, legal services, etc.), bringing the total expected cost of the project up to PLN 504.2 mln (PLN 455 mln plus the PLN 49 mln that has been spent so far),” according to information sent by Warsaw city council to ‘Eurobuild CEE’.

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