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From Slag to Silo

Opr./edited TC 04 February 2019
From Slag to Silo
Paths and ponds will be situated between the buildings to create a natural air

POLAND Kraków resigistered company Slag Recycling has started the design work on the almost 20 ha site of a former cement plant in Jaworzno-Szczakowa, 25 km east of Katowice.

A district called Silo with around 2,500 apartments for around 5,900 residents is to be built here. Half of the area will be taken up by greenery. The aim of the project is to revitalise the derelict site by developing a new local community according to sustainability principles. The site is located between ul. Jana III Sobieskiego, ul. Bukowska, railway lines, as well as forests in the west and north, and the Gródek park in the south.

“The concept involves the creation of a district in which modern architecture is intertwined with green areas. Private and public spaces as well as main functional zones of residential estates for the integration of residents of different ages will be developed, such as recreational, sports, education and cultural zones as well as multi-purpose squares. Another feature will be the utilisation of existing forest and water resources for landscape and recreational purposes. The friendly atmosphere this should generate will help residents to lead a healthy and comfortable life,” argues Dominik Darasz, a partner of the Horizone Studio, which is responsible for the design of the new district.

Renovation work on the Jaworzno-Szczakowa train station, which is situated on the route of the S-train linking Kraków and Katowice, is to be completed on the site in Q1, while work on the entire Kraków–Katowice railway line should be completed in 2020.

“The links between Kraków and Katowice include the A4 motorway and the railway line. The journey from Jaworzno to the centre of Katowice will take around 10–15 minutes,” points out Anna Banaś, the CEO of St. Paul’s Developments Polska, which is the developer of the project.

The developer estimates that the phased construction work will continue until 2035. Investments cost for the project are estimated at PLN 0.5 bln. Slag Recycling is a subsidiary of St. Paul’s Developments, which carries out revitalisation projects in the UK.

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