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Frappka from Żabka

Opr./edited AZ 06 March 2019
Frappka from Żabka
Franchisees will be able to use the app to improve store management

POLAND Convenience store chain Żabka has launched its Frappka application to support the management of franchisee stores in its chain.

By using the app, each will be able to monitor the functioning of their store at anytime wherever they may be. The app provides access to sales data in real time, sales reports with the option of filtering and detailed analysis, as well as information on the availability of individual products. It also contains a franchise income calculator as well as information about current receivables. Franchisees can also receive notifications about cash register logins, so they will be able to know whether the store was opened at the right time. They can also receive information about the best products available, thus allowing them to improve their sales planning.

The tool has been designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Data is displayed in an understandable and transparent form, enabling it be analysed quickly. The app is available only to franchisees of the Żabka Polska chain.

“The app introduces a new, higher quality of store management. Franchisees will receive information from their cash register on an ongoing basis, so they will be able to analyse the sales data or check stock levels more easily. In the next few months, we plan to expand this tool with a gamification module, to motivate franchisees and vendors to engage in active sales,” reveals Adam Manikowski, a deputy CEO of Żabka.

“We wanted a useful tool that would really help in the managing of stores and that could be constantly enhanced. The app provides access to real-time sales information, which is crucial for franchisees at this stage of the project,” adds Tomasz Blicharski, the company’s deputy CEO for finance and development.

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