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Suits on Bikes III – get on your bike and ride!

Eurobuild Conferences 13 March 2019
Suits on Bikes III – get on your bike and ride!
POLAND Once again, Eurobuild Conferences will be organising The Suits On Bikes bike ride through the streets of Warsaw.
This year we are very pleased that the annual event, which is to be held for the third time, has generated so much interest in the sector. The idea to create a conversation platform for city cyclists now goes back three years with the aim of promoting sustainable development as well as involving people from the commercial real estate sector in improving the city’s infrastructure. The first time the ride was held the discussion focused on the infrastructure problems of the city, the challenges faced by urban planners and what was required to create a friendly, healthy and beautiful city environment within a few years. Last year the main topic was Warsaw’s Wola district, where, because of the high levels of investor activity, a great number of changes have recently taken place. When planning their developments investors often keep sustainable development in mind to create a friendly environment around them, which encourages tenants to commute to work by bike. But what about safety? Is it safe to cycle around the city or do you have to take your life into your own hands?

Having seen the amount of traffic on the city streets, this year we’ve decided that the main topic of the ride will be traffic safety.

We’ve also decided to combine the event with the 10th Office Market for Poland Conference, which is to be held on May 23rd (please come in your office clothes and, of course, cycling helmets are most welcome). The ride will start from several locations around Warsaw, with each group to be led by a guide provided by our event partner the Zielone Mazowsze association. Several stops are planned en-route, during which a number of issues are to be raised. There will be refreshments for all involved at the finishing line and the ride will end with a discussion panel, which will examine the topics of the day in greater detail.

We are hoping for a large number of people from the sector to take part because we know how important sustainable development and travelling safely to work are. Together, we can improve the quality of life in the city as well as spend time in an enjoyable and active manner.

More information can be found here on the event's website.

And why not follow us on our facebook page: Eurobuild Conferences

See you at the starting line!

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