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Steeling into Koneser

Anna Pakulniewicz 04 April 2019
Steeling into Koneser
The new offices of Polish stainless steel products manufacturer Stalgast feature many steel elements

POLAND Forbis Group has fitted out Stalgast’s offices in Centrum Praskie Koneser in Warsaw.

Stalgast, a Polish family company that has been operating for almost 30 years, manufactures catering equipment and stainless steel furniture. The new office space, which has been fitted out by Forbis Group according to a design by the Madama studio inspired by the industrial architecture of the building as well as the company’s activities and history.

“The use of various forms of wall cladding finishes, including plaster that imitates concrete, brick tiles, copper sheets, moss walls, the impregnation of reinforced concrete walls, photo wallpaper, veneered claddings and typical plasterboard linings, shows how exceptional and unconventional this project was,” claims Rafał Niedrygas, a project manager at Forbis Group.

The offices also feature many steel elements as visual references to the company’s activities – “from the reception desk, through to the wall panels and suspended ceilings,” points out Agata Frątczak of Madama. The ceilings, designed with the use of sheet melange, had to be suspended under installations in various planes. For this the lighting had to be adjusted and the required level maintained.

“The ceiling’s composition was in fact a compromise created during the construction process. In addition, we have installed typical plasterboard ceilings. Large open spaces have been created through the use of painting installations, which there are a lot of due to the shape of the building,” explains Rafał Niedrygas.

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