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Sunset sees another day

Eurobuild CEE 05 April 2019
POLAND Having acquired the legal rights to the brand, Giacomo Conti is to bring back Sunset Suits, which previously ceased trading due to the financial problems of its owner.
“The company's managers have worked in Sunset Suits for many years and know the company inside out. Giacomo Conti is going to continue with its rapid development and is to open new stores in the near future. Sunset Suits is being brought back after the price war and the events of last year such as the merger of Bytom and Vistula and the bankruptcy of Próchnik. Firstly we can see huge development potential in the Sunset Suits brand with its excellent brand recognition in Poland as well as abroad. Our managers will be focusing on pursuing our strategy to develop the Sunset Suits brand,” reads an announcement by Giacomo Conti. In the 1990s, the chain owned more than 100 stores both in Poland and abroad, including in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Baltic States. The chain also included a number of franchise stores throughout Europe.

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