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Great expectations

Eurobuild Conferences 11 April 2019
Great expectations
dr Tomasz Sobierajski
POLAND There are so many different places you can choose to work in these days: a lively café, a hotel lobby, a quiet corner at home, the co-working space attractive to creative types or even in the traditional office space in a glass tower…but what do the younger generations (and not only them) expect of their workplaces? Are their expectations being met – and if so, how?

Dr Tomasz Sobierajski, a sociologist, researcher and methodologist at the University of Warsaw, will be giving us his in-depth analysis of the modern workplace. For the last ten years he has been working closely with the business sector, supporting companies in the implementation and analysis of social research and holding training sessions and courses in the fields of business ethics and etiquette.

Presentation Great expectations at The 10th Office Market Conference - Trends and Outlook on May 28th 2019 in the Heart (Warsaw Spire).

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