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And then an angel appears

Anna Pakulniewicz 15 April 2019
And then an angel appears

POLAND More original murals have been discovered at Foksal 15 under layers of plaster and are now being restored.

The cherubs can be seen blowing trumpets, painting kites and making wreaths. On removing the main paint and plaster on the walls of the main staircase of the building, a painted shield was also discovered above the entrance door on which the year of the tenement house was displayed - 1895.

For the last three years, Foksal 13 and 15 have been under renovation under the supervision of the conservation office, with the buildings to house luxury apartments. Currently carved stucco decorations are being prepared.

The houses were built in 1898 to a design by Artur Otto Spitzbarth.

“In the case of Foksal 13/15, just like with other buildings from the period, the paintings are on straw mats, which were later covered with a layer of plaster, and fitted to wooden structural elements, such as ceilings. Our work is to do the transfer. We carefully cut off pieces of the mat, transfer them, and after renovating their original surface, we again place them back. We paint the splices of the individual pieces with a special, very precise paintbrush with a diameter of no less than that of a needle. We also use special conservation paints, the colours of which perfectly match the originals and do not fade after a few years,” says Anna Rostkowska, a conservationist from Proart studio, which is responsible for the renovation work in the building.

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