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The ten commandments of an attentive (and safe) road user

Eurobuild Conferences 14 May 2019
The ten commandments of an attentive (and safe) road user
POLAND It is estimated that 80 pct of accidents are caused by a lack of attention. Do you use your phone when you’re on the road? Do you allow other external factors to distract you?

If so, would you like to achieve a state of zen at the wheel or when gripping your handlebars? After the ‘Suits on Bikes’ ride, Magdalena Mazurkiewicz, a trainer at the ZenDriving foundation, will discuss in a 20-minute presentation the ten commandments every attentive driver or cyclist should follow, outlining the ways the rapport between road users can be improved. Therefore we would like to invite you to take part in the ride and in the discussion that follows it. Participation in the event is free. But please remember to register, at: http://bikes.eurobuildconferences.com/. We also encourage you to read the ten commandments for road users below:

1. Don’t be in such a hurry. If you want to make it on time, leave earlier. If you are already late – you can’t do too much about that anyway, so it is not worth getting even more stressed about it.

2. Synchronise yourself with the traffic and move smoothly with it. Contrary to how it may seem, you can reach your destination much faster in this way rather than by nervously weaving in and out of the traffic to get ahead of it.

3. Don’t listen to music. A lack of additional stimuli will allow you to hear the wind, your breathing and your heartbeat. It can be very hard to find a silent moment in today’s world – so don’t be afraid to make use of one.

4. Don’t talk on the phone – even if you are using headphones. You will be less distracted thus reducing the risk of accidents.

5. Breathe consciously. Feel every breath and exhalation.

6. Relax. Ease your grip on the handlebars. Loosen your arms and your back. Enjoy the actual sensation of cycling.

7. Pay careful attention to what’s going on around you. Exist in the ‘here and now’; in this way you can avoid many dangers.

8. Be grateful. For the bike you are now riding and for the health you have that makes it possible for you to ride it.

9. Respond benignly to any aggression from other road users. Don’t allow yourself to be contaminated by their negative emotions.

10. Be kind and empathetic. Treat others (cyclists, drivers and pedestrians) as you would like to be treated yourself.

Presentation: ZenDriving in a Nutshell, Magdalena Mazurkiewicz – a trainer at the ZenDriving Foundation, May 23rd, 2019, after the ‘Suits on Bikes’ ride. Time 7–7:20 pm.

More informations and registration: http://bikes.eurobuildconferences.com/en/

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