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P3 goes virtual

Alex Hayes 15 May 2019

Alex Hayes


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Alexander Hayes is currently working as a journalist for Eurobuild Central & Eastern Europe magazine. Originally from the UK, he moved to Poland in 1995 and has been working in real estate for over four years. He has a BA in english literature from the University of Buckingham.

P3 goes virtual
Vituplex allows clients to walk around their designs before they are constructed
CZECH REPUBLIC Virtuplex has opened a virtual reality laboratory in P3 Prague Horní Počernice just outside the Czech capital.

The centre is divided into two sections, the smaller of which includes a bar with seating, a fully equipped conference room, and relaxation zones with flight simulators. The larger section is dedicated to virtual reality testing, where clients can don a virtual reality headset, strap a computer to their backs and walk around whatever it is that is being designed.

“Most clients come to us with 3D data of their new space, which is usually provided by their architect,” explains Martin Petrovický, the CEO of Virtuplex. “We take this data and only adjust it a little; we can also provide the architect with assistance during the design so that their work can be easily converted into a 3D rendering. Also, if the client wishes to use some objects that don’t already exist in VR, we can design them. We have common furnishings, flowerpots and paintings available in our model banks at moderate prices.”

The laboratory’s first client was Česká spořitelna, who designed a concept for their bank branches in virtual reality. The company has also worked with Škoda Auto to design a virtual showroom.

“It’s a first on many levels, not least that we have a customer happy with an almost empty building,” says Ian Worboys, the CEO of P3 Logistics Parks. P3 also sees value in its client for itself: “We can imagine what our halls and warehouses look like, but some of our clients or partners aren’t familiar with our buildings and their inner spaces,” says Tomáš Kubín, the head of construction for CEE at P3. “Exploring a P3 building in virtual reality can help to reduce the risk in real estate development, when a customer can see and interact with a building in virtual reality before we ever put a shovel in the ground,” he adds.

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