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CTP launches two parks in Plzeň region

Nathan North 17 May 2019

Nathan North

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CTP launches two parks in Plzeň region
CTPark Blatnice will comprise 28,000 sqm for a single client in its first phase

CZECH REPUBLIC CTP has launched the construction of two new industrial parks on the outskirts Plzeň, which will offer a combined 46,000 sqm in their initial phases.

CTPark Blatnice, off the E50/D5 motorway 17 km west of the city, will comprise 28,000 sqm for a single client. The 15.28 ha site has the capacity for a total of 50,000 sqm to be developed in future stages.

CTPark Cerhovice, on the E50/D5 east of the city and a third of the way to Prague, will contain 18,000 sqm in the first stage. Another 20,000 sqm could be built on the same 9.69 ha site.

“Both parks will be able to accommodate large-scale facilities and have plenty of space available for expansion. We believe that they will be highly sought after because of their excellent locations, the CTP high quality and the potential for growth,” declared Jakub Kodr, CTP’s senior business developer.

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