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WearFits to introduce online changing room

06 June 2019

POLAND WearFits is testing a virtual fitting room.

While browsing the product range of an online store, the app will select the correct size and allow you to view the outfit on an animated figure based on your own measurements. The virtual fitting room can also be equipped with a special ‘comfort’ filter to show where the material of the item clothing will rub or stretch on any given figure in a given size. The project has been granted PLN 2 mln in EU research funding by the Małopolskie Centre for Entrepreneurship. “The demand for such computer modelling is huge and a large number of companies are trying to introduce it but this is no simple task. In order for the tool to pass the testing phase, you must be able to scale it up; the app needs to support not just hundreds of products but tens of thousands of them,” says Tomasz Runowicz the CPO of WearFits. In his opinion, a virtual changing room could solve one of the biggest problems of stores selling clothing by mail order, which is the growing number of returns of wrong-sized clothing. A virtual changing room will not only reduce the time it takes to shop but will also make it easier both for customers and online retailers.

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