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Integral to differentiate Cavatina

Opr./edited AZ 06 June 2019
Integral to differentiate Cavatina
Zonifero's system is designed to autmoate all the management processes of buildings

POLAND Zonifero, a start-up established by the Tenderhut group, has been awarded a contract to introduce an application for managing the space and for supporting the administrators and tenants in five of Cavatina’s office buildings.

The Integral system developed by Zonifero manages such processes in office buildings as: the movement of employees, couriers’ and suppliers’ visits and the traffic in car parks. By using this software, suppliers, couriers and guests can identify where a particular office is located and the control system then grants them access only to those places the administrator or tenant gives them access to. The right people are informed about their arrival and the app guides them to their destination. The software also helps to manage the visual communication displayed on monitors located in the building. The administrator can control the content displayed and use the monitors as a source of information on escape routes if necessary. This can also contributes to savings, such as in terms of the consumption of electricity.

The system will be initially introduced in the Chmielna 89 office building in Warsaw, the Carbon Tower complex in Wrocław and the Global Office Park, which is being developed in Katowice.

“Cavatina’s buildings will be among the first few fully intelligent buildings in Poland through the installation of the Integral application. The work in our office buildings will become much simpler and more intuitive. Integral was developed with the benefit of future tenants and their employees in mind,” claims Łukasz Zarębski, the head of marketing at Cavatina.

“The Integral application will not only guarantee easy management of the building but also of the leased space. I am convinced that our tenants will appreciate its many advantages,” adds Daniel Draga, a board member at Cavatina Holding.

“Our system is not only innovative but is also ready for introducing in any large or small building. Thanks to this contract we are now in a position to attract international investors and start the process that will lead to us listing on the Swedish stock exchange,” reveals Robert Strzelecki, the CEO of the Tenderhut group.

Zonifero was also among the start-ups participating in the third PwC Startup Collider programme. “We are all witnessing and participating in a digital revolution. We are changing not only in the way we communicate but also in the way we work. Zonifero’s system will be the first step in transferring a company’s space management to smartphones. We are happy that with the participation of the company in the Startup Collider programme we will also be able to be part of its development,” explains Jolanta Kokosińska, a partner at PwC.

Zonifero uses Microsoft's technology to analyse data. “Based on machine learning and artificial intelligence from the Azure cloud, Zonifero has developed an office usage analysis module – an application that learns and supports the everyday use of its capabilities. This is another step in using artificial intelligence in company management,” argues Jarosław Zarychta, the head of industry solutions at Microsoft.

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