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Okęcie Park emerges from Centrum Krakowska 61

Opr./edited TC 12 June 2019
Okęcie Park emerges from Centrum Krakowska 61
The full effects of the modernisation work should be revealed at the end of August

POLAND The redevelopment of Centrum Krakowska 61 in Warsaw is now nearing completion. The owner of the property, Octava Property Trust, has also announced new tenants and a new name for the building.

The refurbishment of the retail park specialising in decoration and interior decoration items, and which also has a groceries hypermarket, should be completed by at the end of August.

“When Octava acquired the complex, one of its buildings, of around 10,000 sqm, was unused. We decided to breathe new life into it and thus fully use it to its full potential. The redevelopment work has taken several months. We created an additional floor and divided the entire area into smaller units. Furthermore, the modernised building and the one housing the Agata Meble store are being given a new, coherent façade. The culmination of all these changes will be the new visual identity of the centre and the change of its name to Okęcie Park. The entire available area of ​​the park is already leased, thanks to the efforts of the Savills agency,” comments Henryk Rytwiński, the COO of Octava Property Trust.

The location of some stores will change in connection with the work carried out and more well-known brands will join the current tenants. Jysk, Witek’s and Dreams Design opted to prolong their contracts and enlarge their premises by moving their stores into the modernised building.

The building will also accommodate four new tenants: Bel-Pol (a floor and door distributor), Sypialnia Plus (mattresses and beds), Jump World trampolines (2,500 sqm) as well as a Murall climbing centre (2,000 sqm). Existing tenants Media Markt, Świat Dziecka and Agata Meble will also be staying in the centre. The latter will also be expanding the area it occupies to almost 24,000 sqm, adapting the ground floor of the building previously occupied by other tenants for this purpose. Thus the store will cover three floors. Visitors to Okęcie Park will also be able to do their shopping in the Auchan supermarket that forms part of the complex.

“We are currently installing a new façade, which we started from the reconstructed building and we will continue towards Agata Meble. The first stage of resurfacing the internal roads and car park will also begin in the next few days. The car park itself will also be given new directional signage, which will closely match the new image and logo of the centre,” reveals Anna Horbowiec, the property manager at Centrum Krakowska 61.

The Octava Property Trust group currently owns 18 properties in Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Łódź, Poznań and the TriCity. The total area of ​​the buildings owned by Octava comes to app. 208,000 sqm, 139,000 sqm of which is office space and 69,000 sqm retail space. The properties are managed by Octava Asset Management.

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