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True people of real estate

True people of real estate

True people of real estate is a campaign to mark the 15-year anniversary of Savills presence in Poland. It presents Savills employees who are the firm’s biggest asset, as well as their creativity, dedication and persistence both in private and in professional life.

As part of the campaign, Savills presents its employees in a series of short videos. The videos show people with a flair for painting that was discovered completely by chance, a passion for extreme cycling - in stark contrast with the profession of investment risk elimination - or a passion for rock music which is a great energy booster at work. All the videos can be seen on the Savills Poland channel on YouTube.

The key value communicated by Savills in its campaign True people of real estate is the ability to build with clients open and long-term relations based on partnership and trust. Authenticity in action goes hand in hand with top professionalism and efficiency, for which Savills is valued on the market.

“Our round anniversary is an excellent opportunity to recap our journey. We are proud of what we have already achieved, but we tend not to look back. Today is probably the best and most exciting time ever for the real estate market in Poland. We are delighted to be able to tap into its great potential every day and do our best to be ourselves and focus on people, our employees and clients,” says Tomasz Buras, CEO of Savills in Poland.

For the last 15 years Savills has advised on many high-profile office, retail and industrial deals. The last few years saw Savills strengthen the position it has been building over the years - it has doubled its revenue and headcount, becoming one of the fastest-growing commercial real estate services firms in Poland. Founded in the United Kingdom, Savills has a history that dates back more than 160 years. In line with its global strategy, Savills focuses on the quality of its services rather than quantitative growth, and on standing out on the market by delivering unique and frequently innovative solutions to respond to the changing business environment and clients’ needs.

In addition to the series of videos, to mark its 15-year anniversary in Poland, Savills is holding a number of other events to highlight its rapid growth over the years and the unique features of its employees standing behind its successes. In early 2019, Savills HR department granted awards to the longest-serving professionals to recognise their commitment to the firm. Michał Stępień, Associate in the Investment Department, came top of the list having joined Savills 14 years ago. The jubilee celebrations will culminate in an event to be held for Savills clients this autumn.

“To mark the 15-year anniversary of Savills presence in Poland, we want to emphasise the significance of our employees without whom none of our achievements would have been possible. I also thank our clients, because thanks to their trust we have opportunities to carry out such fascinating projects and to do so in our unique way we talk about in our campaign. To learn more about our services and philosophy of our approach to clients, please contact us or visit our website Savills.pl, which will soon get a fresh makeover,” adds Tomasz Buras.

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