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Bee Creative comes to Royal Wilanów

Eurobuild CEE 17 June 2019
Bee Creative comes to Royal Wilanów
Bee Creative has 650 sqm of coworking space as well as 20 private offices
POLAND Capital Park has opened the Bee Creative coworking space in the Royal Wilanów office building in Warsaw.

Bee Creative has 650 sqm of coworking space as well as 20 private offices, two conference rooms and a common area with 22 fully equipped workstations. Bee Creative replaces the Offices24 coworking centre, which had been in the building since July 2018. Capital Park has now modernised the rooms according to its own concept and the centre now includes a fully equipped kitchen a dining room an entertainment area and exercise bikes that can be used as electric chargers. Five beehives have been placed on the roof of the building. Those who use the space are also welcome to bring their pets to the office and the space has thus far been fully leased, hence Capital Park is looking to extend it by a further 700 sqm. “Bee Creative's success has been more successful than we expected. Our concept is very popular and we want to further develop it,” says Kinga Nowakowska, the director of operations at the Capital Park group.

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